C.M. Brown Funeral Home Welcomes You 


At C.M. Brown Funeral Home, we are deeply committed to delivering the highest quality, most professional services available. Our Funeral Director is highly trained and fully licensed in Georgia to meet all of your family's needs. While we would never compromise quality, we also understand the necessity to work within budgets and strive to accommodate those needs. We are proud to offer the highest value in our area. When you call our funeral home, be comforted in knowing that you will face this moment with the help of a compassionate staff who truly cares, “Where Service is Measured Not by Gold, but by the Golden Rule”.




Effective September 8, 2017 C.M. Brown Funeral Home was purchased by Mrs. Jarvis Barnes, Owner of A.L. Spaulding & Barnes Funeral Home of McRrae, Georgia.  Contact number for the Brown location: (912) 367-2531.